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Panopticon Security goes Open Source (with exceptions)

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Panopticon Security is my temporary “resting” state between assignments to save the world.

It was a voluntary proposed security arrangement and as such the once scandalised trade body  is not supervising it. It was designed for overt security for participating beach hut communities in England. It is now much more. It is a resting place for those weary of the Panopticon where few enter and almost nobody leaves.

More than huts are being “knocked off”.

If you sit by the sea for long enough the world’s enemies bodies float past. For me that would be meeting Dr Mengele all those years ago and knowing born in 1913 he can surely not reach me from the grave.. ( Librarians have to serve). But he did and he can and this is a true narrative.

First things first, beach huts as an allegory of freedom and security.

Beach huts are difficult to patrol or protect and the Panopticon idea was to innocently create false security company signage applied to the huts, visiting cars and so on displayed by occasional or frequent joggers, fishermen, dog walkers, and hut users on their cars when parked near to the strand. Many eyes make light work.

It is the very idea of a Pan-opticon to surveille us all, being real and at the same time working at the subconscious level of the thief, nudging his or her mind/s subliminally with more an image of security than reality. One pair of eyes on them all.. all the time. And it worked in trials very well in having a pretend beach hut security service with posh looking signs from the internet.

A former Panopticon Security website because it used iWeb hosting ceased to be. Since then this author felt a record should exist to tie up the loose ends a busy  life has left behind. Now I have retired to a bigger home upriver.


floodAVscout I

I sold my beach hut for £120,000 ) settling on an island a dozen miles upstream from Mudeford Sandbank. This is still water bound and far more securable and sociable out of season though trust extends to those who visit only who enjoy or protect the Queen’s peace.

I have been involved in two murder enquiries and being told by those so sworn the law had no wish to pursue an innocent man and disturb the Queen’s peace. Bless.   The 16th century right to navigate this river down to my old hut is extant despite a few weirs that make it a troubling initiative with the water bailiffs I have spoken to who seem to have a military gleam to protect the salmon. Security comes at the price of freedom..

But a perpetual return to the “desert island” of my youth ( and more importantly a happy childhood away from the TV)  in my dreams at least  now has other obstacles to overcome.

Not least the appropriation of my favourite words images and phrases in trying to contain me in a prison without walls. Such can exist, but it has been a secret.

Not least the new world I have discovered behind the appearances of freedom, happiness and settled living.

Please quietly read on.

As to beach hut security in the last 3 months 70  huts (each worth over £100,000 today) have been broken into or made insecure and this might have been avoided if the locals had adopted my simple system or the police advice I had provided. I do know of that of which I speak. And beach hut crime for all of that is very rare. That is about the extent of it when no one is around.


In a sentence. Just go to VistaPrint, get a couple of magnetic faux security signs for cooperative folk and crime should go down, a win win situation based on imagery. And stay at home.



Panopticon Security was fully researched and trialled with no problems. The alternative of real purposed patrolling out of season and at night was also trialled with the Police equipping me for a week or was it two with radio, torch, high vis jacket I think and notebook and log.

I found that the alternative I tried  of covert watches for crime in progress is a cold, thankless task from owners with substantial but otherwise unprotected beach huts. A suitable vehicle is needed and access if you are volunteer in such a sensitive site as Hengistbury Head is not going to happen. I so fancied a Volvo ambulance for access , shelter and sandwiches. With all the CCTV routed to Sky and blue lights permitted as an ambulance. Just saying.

Also the Mudeford Sandbank Beach Hut Association and the New Forest Beach Hut Association have been assisted with advice from the police and through myself, with additional beach hut associations contacted when crime was reported by Google alerts around the coast of England referring to whatever best practice seems relevant I always was Mr too-much -information 

So a success of sorts. Crime is a perennial, security also, but freedom, that takes real vigilance.

Security can leave the world better than it would otherwise be, or maybe it takes the world as it is and then makes it more so. I learnt that in a short advertising career, an changed the words round from advertising to security. Get used to me unable to tell a lie.

Of which hold on to your seat. Tim Baber, the Panopticon Security website owner went to DIY security, lock, police (and even anti organised crime and police ACPO  and then he he other intelligence agency ) conferences and exhibitions out of interest and has somehow been CTEXPO security industry security vetted for ythe last 5 years, having found himself somehow sticking to this subject when ordinary mortals entertain their own passions with far less trouble.

Everybody needed a hobby, the ham radio Council Ranger of Hengistbury Head told me once.




So beach hut security has passed to those who still own beach huts, and my links and references to my earlier published advice is free to anyone who needs it and is still available on request, email me for the links.


some of it restricted to owners rather than open source still as any new simple measures will result in countermeasures if widely known. I will give limited examples in the examples that follow.

One objective is crime prevention, but another is gathering evidence, and modern mobile phone detecting devices can take “toad” photos of the criminals for police use as evidence, (yet they will not attend a single alarm call). I automatically assume openness, transparency and open source information but security does work best if layered discreetly.

Lock snapping and key bumping are two countermeasures to security  the security industry is reluctant to discuss though websites showing how thus to defeat 80% of the nation’s front doors with an old key or two has been viewed by millions on You Tube. It is possible to open most beach hut padlocks with a coca cola can, and my electronic personal safe I discovered can be opened by a potato. (You Tube)  Few consumers know this. Friends laugh at even my trust in solutions. Young thieves just watch You Tube or even put lock or security fails  on public view.

I was taught by a policeman and intelligence officer father if you make it easy for a thief you are responsible for the crime. I have yet to meet a determined thief . But that is an anomaly. For many are competent, just not in the beach hut game perhaps?

The world is more unpredictable than I know it, since Monarch programming can explain anything, such is its reach back into the community. My concerns over the security/freedom debate have come to a point of no return with the capabilities of Monarch programming

A plane goes missing with no radar or electronic signature just when the US Government finds radar can be defeated and all planes must now show very deliberate notice of their intentions by amplifying  the traces of power in the circuits that are buzzing already. That lets me play

with a what if scenario because I know from my security exposure the USA who must police the skies wants all planes to so securely signal their progress. Monarch Programming can be blamed for anything now, and to prove the danger of evidence lacking assumptions try to follow this:

Suppose the pilot was a Sirhan Sirhan. you get the message, my suppositions overtake my facts and I am lost in my own informational entropyfalse indexing drops and vapour trail. To suggest the loss of a Malaysian airlines plane was an “inside job” by a mind controlled (Monarch programmed) pilot beggars belief. And yet the security of lives everywhere , the freedom to live or be overcome is now in the hands of those who hypnotised Sirhan Sirhan.

here is a link just to whet your appetite:

Dr Louis Jolly West and Sirhan Sirhan. see this from me somewhere down the distracting page.

Tim Baber ‏@beachhutman Apr 3


But someone staged this photo of a young female based on an odd original by a “dodgy” artist below: And inserted just one frame in a digital video by a small broadcaster in a strategic country that an Ambassador and President would see and which mimics in typical Monarch program style a reminder their respective niece and daughter studying abroad was at risk unless..well that would come later. Symbolic violence will have back up, but their redemption if any is the system defaults symbolically to felt or unremembered trauma.



There is a lot more in this story. In fact it is the basis of MY transformation from sloppy researcher scared to look at anything for too long, to declared opponent conscious of an unconscious assault on our senses when it serves a military or “above our eye” purpose.


Now that is enough of that. Some things are pure speculation from a converted way of thinking, some are based on knowing more, or even being involved as an Extreme Process “man on a  rope”.


I should stick to what I can prove in a world of such secrecy and uncertainty. But I invent scenarios to get by as hypotheses. It is a condition itself of interest. Hypomania possibly.

To be disinhibited. A sort of mania on a spectrum of people who can “switch”, they just don’t have control of the “switch”.  Monarch programming…can you guess their overriding need is to find that to I suppose the narrative must be to “switch of” war. Soft soap. What is that?

So how do we “switch off” crime without compromising freedom and dignity as the question Pavlov raised or was it B F Skinner much loved of radical disaffected simple solution seeking and devious Psychology students in my youth fed up with…whatever it was at that time seeking not clarity for you or me but control of everyone who matters by mind control effectively… and those who do not matter. The statistical method means it is never personal. Criminals are a statistic and security should never be personal.

Disaffected youth are the target of cowards who seek to change the world by proxy. Can you imagine a military scheme that sets up league tables for every possible variation of shadow warrior so “enabled”?  Are you a betting man. A derivative trader? A slave?

One thief in the real world in the post war period was caught by one-toothed Bill Burbage the toilet cleaner and Council general workman on the beach. Now Bill was loved by those who saw him deal with their rubbish and waste on the Council dustcarts, and children would only lightly be ordered off his (three wheel two stroke push it when it gets stuck) cleaning motorcart when they played at jumping on it. When he retired his Council managers who never saw him were astonished at the gifts, money, messages and celebration of his friendly service  always dressed in an old ex War Dept blue boiler suit suited to the task. Salt of the earth, my father said.

But Bill told me a young thief who he challenged “took him on” when he was younger and he knocked him to the ground where with a real thump of a reality check  he was redeemed. Years later the man returned with his children and thanked the man who ended his career as a thief so cheaply. Trauma not a lengthy anxiety creating security and freedom trial did the trick. The thief had made the first blow, crossed a line  and the principle of mens rea meant he did the act and meant to. Likely true.  Both stories sound “right”. Courts require mens rea. The room for tragedy to perfect a system to avoid an avoidable  greater tragedy is without limit.

And I with 700 men have been a suspect in a Southampton murder enquiry twice from 1979 and that was repeated nearly 30 years later because the now routine DNA revealed after a mayfair barrister was engaged they had the wrong separate runaway. Can you imagine the (repeated) trouble.  How many had no alibi like me, the night before a BBC interview… or had suspicious partners or neighbours as the trail went cold? librarians are no fools and love a puzzle. A college might drop her (identical to the widespread man and stolen jewellery) named bracelet on your desk with her and the victims name on it and you would never know was it chance. Or a play of my own assiduousness open to us all in the many eyes version of security I prefer. Her husband was the Senior Customs Officer for a large Port and they like me sought security through playing a part…most often from a domestic home office chair and voluntarily.

And the real murderer…he was never spotted until exhumed and the new familial DNA sequencing traced a distraught runaway who admitted the crime and committed suicide over what he said he had done but no one believed him.  But  7 other men confessed including the most mentally confused and cunning who talked his way to 27 years in jail, a million pounds on release and an early death, I went to the Appeal Court in London with 3 senior judges explaining how the cock up happened using great detail that was a credit to the resolution which was packed with legal observers and have written this up on my old site.

Mental illness was experienced by most of the actors in this real life drama. The police, and I come from a police family, are my friend. Up to a point. For we need to be they, and they need to come from us.

Some years ago,  a youth who stole a fisherman’s rowing boat was given short shrift by a fisherman who held some sway amongst his peers  and the “oarsman” took him to court for “a claimed brutal assault” whilst he said he was held down by other fishermen and hit very hard by their apparent leader. The judge heard that the senior fisherman went for the collar and missed. I heard a different story much later from an eye witness. A huge punch in the face of a struggling restrained “borrower” of a boat which had been a cheeky custom for a century or more by those prepared to cross that little line in the sand.

That is not clever security. Trauma can work miracles but it can be hell to be at the mercy of a man with free rein to his own feelings.  Crime can been be  tolerably mediated by trust.   Checks and balances are  an admittedly messy compromise of security and freedom for all,.  Try to  avoid hitting on or being hit on by the wrong sort of person by whatever means work best not hardest.

10 years later some youths who stole some bicycles from a beach hut were badly treated . If they hung around after that they might have learned the hut owner found his valuable hut burnt down some months later. That is £27,000 to replace now. My father would have said to the brothers ” I am very sorry to hear you say that” over their untrained intervention. That takes oversized egos and is a contraction of what the world is to gang warfare or thinking you are protected above the baseboard of rights we all enjoy.

For security without freedom is not security and security is an industry now for its products and satisfactions we must be inhibited or disinhibited  with whatever works best. Crime gets messy when it is organised. Freedom prefers not to be hit in the face by a powerful man, or roughed up as the perpetrator admitted, but dealt with under the rule of law.

This is Britain. This is England. An Emerald Isle. That is now a sick joke. Google Monarch programming with  emerald. The smuggler in organised crime wearing (an) emerald earring/s can expect to not be stopped by an Customs officer who may probably not know why he  or she let that one through. And a lot of esoteric rubbish that disguises the fact that branch of programming serves the organised crime that Monarch programming has picked up and carried along with it on our shores as lateral drift. And no one will ever count the costs.




Britons is now the name of a door closer on toilet cubicles like Bill Burbage polished and oiled all those years. Security is oft a con. We are being both inhibited and disinhibited by a security  industry  that fails to deliver,. We enjoy  a  professional police force the pride of the world,  that will not respond to one alarm.,only more than one within an hour of the first.

And a system of crime and punishment which risks our agreement to cooperate every time if we, the would be free , are inhibited.  But what if they need not secure our agreement with full mens rea?  And the quick fix is sold as Monarch programming…or Psyops, since from the rigours of that science just the right amount of inhibition or disinhibition can be found across all persons of interest so that situation management can be forseen.

We are anyway made to feel unhappy about every replaceable aspect of our lives as it is. For business interests, not necessarily organised crime.

Now I have some bad news. This new system seeks to make us happy about every replaceable aspect of our lives.   We can be thus  used in proportion to criteria like perhaps usefulness?


Panopticon Security is a security device designed and tailored to Mudeford sandbank.. Mudeford Sandbank is a half mile beach that in 100 years has never had an arrest. It has had crime..bicycles stolen, walk in thieves in season, hut break-ins out of season,  a tramp living in a hut, boats and kit stolen, fishing rods disappearing, cal or gas thefts much caused by the wonderful relaxed nature of the place. When realised it is already too late without lots of human or electronic attention. But 100 years without an arrest? One unhinged drunken teenager was arrested  since I wrote tha,t but only to defuse the immediate ground from a hostile and maybe toxic caused contaminant of regular enjoyments , and those there thought “good- job done.” “Let’s get on with the family themed Annual beach Hut Association party, and stop doing it next year”…if we had to pull the police/pull out a gun…we were losing control of the situation and when WE lose control of a situation we are open to unregulated interventions too like Monarch programming..

No charge, no case, maybe an agreement..a caution? Proportional “beach combing” of the flotsam or jetsam of domestic bliss – true living. But total control of people ? Must be a military thing. It is and it was called MK Ultra. Bit in a democracy the military are pep laced by a citizenry,and to have free passage of people over so many boundaries  you maybe want some control?


I used to say this no arrests in 100 years claim  and wrote it as a fact, and few could say otherwise. It may even be true as somehow a peaceful rest pervades the place and drunken teenagers have a way of disappearing from earshot without some terrible cry of “murder” as almost everywhere else.

Even Brighton churchyards as I discovered too late in trying to help the police with seeking copycat murders. If something crosses a boundary and upsets  my peace of mind  I seek to collect data organise it and analyse it looking for agreements between facts or anomalies.  I discovered such murders happen in provincial towns on a regular and repeating basis.  There is a difference between  CASES and the CONDITIONS in which they repeat themselves.

Identify the multipliers, the triggers, the cues, the causes, and you are half way home.

I did this with the mass media when I read academic clues by Rogan Taylor. And what tipped my perception was realising I met Dr Mengele when researching at the foothills of  what is total war and total mind control to avoid total war.

A beach is different, . It has distant sand dunes on which to dream and sober up. And hundreds of pairs of eyes who know who is who most of the time. Trouble is nipped in the bud.

I have some good photo’s after an official organised  beach party that proved each year so popular we hired a professional dog handler just for show and stopped having them when the numbers passed 300 and effective control was lost. A good but sad decision.

In the 70’s two ferry drivers from Birmingham would compete in the pub across the other side of harbour mouth, drinking so much they both dived fully clothed into the river out of their heads the Police were told. They loved their job and the beach hut and looked forward to escaping their City each year. The police were called and they were interviewed in their beach hut but no arrest was made. The beach has its own security. It is called freedom.

Bournemouth is only five miles away Bournemouth’s total ten mile  seafront with CCTV and  police access in minutes had last time I noticed 100 arrests in an average year. Security types, researchers, Journalists, librarians and even some fools know stuff.  I am an idiot savant. The lesson in my view is Panopticon Security at least has found  criminals are usually lazy. The rest of us are vigilant. But the determination must be to sacrifice the illusion of security. it is at the expense of freedom, for which no illusion should last? We need to be free and have forgotten slavery is more efficient.

The beach huts are 2 miles from the nearest road, BH5 4EN, and for six winters I lived in my hut. I am not sniping about life, I love it, and was free of all encumbrances then and until recently.


I have followed the footsteps, literally, of two little irritating gangs from local schools who were competing to break in to huts one November, and I could see which huts they passed over, and which they inconvenienced. I saw what they targeted and what inhibited them.

The would be thief of your property need to  lose the disinhibition they otherwise might visit on a beach hut or owner. This is the province of the Panopticon.  70 huts in one night! They deserve a sentence. A prison sentence?  This is one such “prison” in Cuba. It offers the security of one guard, or even none to allow for a large number of prison sentences under the eye of one man or none. That is efficient. That is total control…or is it?  Criminals are often too stupid to act in their own best interests, but there are many who are not, and avoid the Panopticon.

Consider now those who we cannot see.  Those who use the Panopticon on us!

Beach huts offer the sentence of “Run along and don’t do it again or I will send you home in a police car.. I heard this from the  local Noddy train boss with  children, siblings, risking grabbing a moving truck. Some were very good at it. Just like Bill Burbage’s day. But carefree can be careless.

I know beach huts are  in a row but  quite differently from a Panopticon  they face freedom.  in the security of many eyes, not an authority “figure” the sort hypnotists use to inhibit you. A prison sentence obviously should inhibit crime, but if another sentence, another term can do it…do you see where I am going with this? Can I telegraph your understanding with just words ( or actually internationally more useful images) on a screen.

In a nutshell Monarch Programmiming does just that…wholesale. And it is the antithesis to the freedom, that works when it works , which makes me MAD. Parents will be traumatised the way only Monarch knows how, and once so programmed, should they waver or wobble might have an hallucination engineered of an owl. Look up Monarch programming and Owl. (Moloch) and remember the concept worked in ancient times to effect a transformation, and was EASY to introduce  within any culture as a symbol with a history. Today think of a CD with 1,000,000 copyright free images downloadable to your vision and you are somewhere in the 1980’s. Colour, moving images, High Definition, it is all part of the Extreme Process. I know.

Many eyes with an independent voice  ensures democracy.  American target based policing methods are so open to abuse because it is one pair of eyes expecting hostility.Abuses will persist and then to prove my point someone makes a covert people’s CCTV for broadcast and trial. Panopticon in reverse. People’s security…needing freedom of the press for sure Clever people say What if?…and lets try turning that around just to see what it says. .



And yet with all the finessing still the criminals use brute force and ignorance, since beach huts are often the unfortunate learning curve academy for the carefree young where criminality finds its first gains, and thus should doubly be discouraged, detected or dealt with with evidence gathering rather than fisticuffs. I shrug my shoulders.  I will stick to observing and writing. I do this in a field with no observers that ever can find an audience. An empty, invisible opposite of a library….a Panopticon of ideas not people.  It is tragic and that is not my condition, but what my condition can see and describe and know is true, yet we are all afraid of a big bad wolf. Or an owl that we have learnt in some trauma fabricated script represents the sacrifice of our children, siblings or whatever usually works.

I offered to marry a damsel in distress girl once. 25 of her family members were killed. She was the last one. The Crime Lord in this unregulated Cartegena-like city of souls asked her to sign over the business which was now hers. She did and came here, where after some huffing and puffing we deported her back to …well, somehow I left off on that story, as we do. When we do not care. The Nazis and gangs and drug lords will find out who you are so this can happen. I guess Monarch does the same, but a researcher has to have no guilt loaded to his account.


A beach hut is a resource for trouble free living a little off grid. Security Consultants have a duty to try to design crime out of the architecture or teasing value in the mind of the disaffected youth or casual opportunist. That security can be physical, preventative, try to capture the incident with a record for evidence, try to substitute a peaceful resolution for lawless revenge, or psychologically to reduce the statistical chance of an intrusion. It is not crime prevention any more. It is crime reduction. I like planting an idea and seeing it work 24/7. Like a “notice”. And no one is going to ask me to “back it up” or go for me. That is a job for the police.

In my own house facing a river and a public park I found best advice was not a high intensity PIR floodlight, as many have, but a very low intensity nightime light making unobtrusive observation a relaxed gentle affair. Policemen  or others may then use image intensifiers if mounting a concealed watch or simply the mobile phone based alerting devices obtainable for under £100 as an insurance that should achieve restorative or restitutive justice in an ideal world. Or whistle like a joker walking with a pigs bladder ballon through a wood run by wild boars  and look to statistics.

Perpetrators do not like low constant light at all, nor (subliminally) gravel paths that let them hear themselves according to research! Years ago I read a book on marketing Information by Kelly which was a sort of industrial espionage text and the writer compared the world to  a dance floor. If you use flash photography you get the detail but no idea of intention over time. If you use a candle you get a pretty good idea of what is going on. Freedom? Security?

A low light does the job and does it better, an becomes part of the territory, but not the map!


For in the Panopticon the flow of inhibition is now to the criminal mind, not the owner. The difference is I have not automated that as a conditioned response with Pavlovian experiments using whatever works BEST…and I mean…HARDEST. I am “good cop” and that makes me better off away from any front line. OK? The front line now is the shine you offer to the criminal mind which distracts but really inhibits  him from his task…just like Monarch programming knows.




So I write.

Research and information remains a capability but I have since progressed to matters of concern you might wish to grow in your own agenda for a happier life. Others are trying to subliminally herd us from the freedoms of hut ownership and a carefree life. He who can inhibit (or disinhibit) another has the high ground in the beach hut world or any enterprise. The best systems let us all shine.

But it is the switch which can turn a master of none to a slave and a master of one to many.

I accidentally fell upon what the Germans were doing in WW2: Weltanschauungskrieg…

Years ago I claim I met the Nazi wanted war criminal Dr Mengele ( which amazingly I did since he was reported definitively as dead then) because as a librarian researching security issues our paths actually crossed. It is written up elsewhere,  see one account at :

and at the time I was new to all of this. I claim this with the fixity of a man who has been happy to be hypnotised in safety and only amused at the potential, such is my carefree nature. That, delivered wholesale, explains the largess  with which i write. And can be contained no doubt.

With my chances, with the luck of being at the foot of this rainbow, this magic mountain, what would you do? Someone will be reading this who can affect policy? Or are we all switched off by keywords like mine at

The science of mind to counter the freedom we have in our little huts to think and dream outside the box is today called “Psyops”. It has military uses to persuade a hut dweller in any say third world country it is better not to rebel, but conform or compete using legal remedies for any perceived inequality. Try work. Try democracy. Crime is sometimes a closed shop, but we draw a circle and welcome you in?

Will Filer a specialist in this area ticks all my boxes and I now can tick his this is really going on as he and I describe separately. This is usually beyond our”walled gardens” and kept without the walls of our minds. I had no idea that the simple objective now of Governments and, well, everybody, is to inhibitus or disinhibit us. Only the dark web usually discusses this and I prefer finding published sources, they have been through various editing and publishing safeguards.

You can read about my departure from the world of appearances here:

or I took over a black-ops website, as I found I could because they too are so far off the grid they have not the permissiveness of innocence or the determination of not being conned , at

It is as well you know I am basically a “one man band” and as such disposable in the security world for all manner of cleverer devils. However the possibility some renegade is pulling my strings will have to play out, since this technology of war will be deliberately competitiveto meet survival of the fittest auditing. Capiche? It explains periodic humour . Some I get.

You and your children , like me, innocent, trusting, open people, with a beach hut mentality can become targets for the considerable skills of the Volksmagician.  I am afraid it goes with the territory but for me the territory is and was the child like pleasures of a beach hut which I was able to enjoy for 50 years.



That security that has bolstered me in my research I seek to serve and protect for others. Whether they actually have a beach hut to protect or not! Hut ownership, (now I do not have a hut) is now secondary to a new risk my retirement and reflections compels me to engage.

A beach hut has become for me a metaphor for the freedom you would wish to secure for yourself, your children, your friends. My speciality has become a reaction to finding out what forces preserve  the Queen’s peace, or for all I know threaten it, for security and freedom are opposite sides of the asset we are.

Do not think Monarch programming is HMG, unless I tell you so.  Many aware of something going on have applied that square to the facts and made the case. To anyone who has studied Folklore it is never certain what is the origin, timeline, transmission, principal actors or the real dupes in any tale, because the best ones also have multiple meanings. That suits Monarch who can teach differentially, with viscous couplings!

Since we are still a wealth of nations, Monarch programming has been claimed as the de facto ruler of all, or the arbiter of all…or the, this or that,and evidence, is hidden behind flags of convenience.

My experience in a sea of speculation is actually everything I rendered down to my 2002 articles at called Alice in Wonderland turned out kosher. maybe I should trust a little more of the more likely (now) conspiracy theories.  I did read Berger and Luckman as a student.

That means I hope, you will be on my side when my (qualified librarian) research uncovers almost unbelievable transgressions of freedom for such claimed total security., however hard attribution is, it may be faked. or partially true, and no one can tell anymore outside their cell.

And this freedom rather than serving us all  is now what is risked for the security of some.

It happened  a beach hut without all the modern media really was a sensible place to bring up kids. A house has access to the world via the media which is the thief in the night of the innocence of your children in more ways than you know.

Monarch programming is a trauma based hypnotically induced form of conformity with cues triggers and mainly reinforcers in the media which work well and are designed to control and reduce the chance of war so it is hinted to those so engaged. Fritz SPRINGMEIR is an expert in deconstructing the media.

In my otherwise fatally suppressive condition,  I have to leave that sort of exposure to a man braver than any. My contribution is accidentally finding the key is someone wants to switch people from one course of action to another and it must be a global race so to do. And boy have I put in the hours trying to beat the toss of this coin. I should call this Headland Tails.




My news empire that was and is was of course subject to the laws of the land and so far so good in an area ripe with the dangerous potential for naming supposed rotten apples and without real concrete solid evidence being wrong. I have no wish to be the thief of the reputations for people who never had the chance I have had. This is not about blame.

This is the 2003 beginnings of this journey.

My 2002 research.

My 2002 research.

For the above to exist In 2002  my beach hut newspaper, I stumbled into writing an article I thought would be on the local competent family theme park.

I dug up claims elsewhere of elsewhere a plenty organised scheming to inhibit our children thus  with a long provenance is approaching your children ostensibly Government monitored to make a more secure world in the future.

For secure read “controlled”. For “controlled” read stripping the human rights from your children without them knowing and thus depending on the traditions made real for them daily (exposed at ) . We are talking “Mind Control”.

If I had not had a perfect childhood of sun sand and support for lifetime of carefree muted pleasures I would have been a pushover for what was called monarch programming in Mengele’s day. And still they “held me up”.  Did I say I have yet to meet a determined thief? And that they were lazy? Chance favours a prepared mind on a good day. But you rarely win one over a secret State method of controlling things in competition with any manner of possibilities. I have to sleep. The State has to he more hyper vigilant than me, One way is to see where I go and what I know. Hence the compulsion to share despite the recurring and capital costs.

I am on twitter  as beachhutman and there relax a little revealing more than already in my links to my sites. That it must be trans-governmental research effort being secret cannot have a website.  I, as a faux Security Consultant I am answerable only to my own conscience and sense of fair play taught me by my parents without interference.    OK    see me as   beachhutman   on twitter!

Mari's bottle

Mari’s bottle not mine. no drink or drugs now er ever.

So, I repeat as it is significant I have taken over the named by me  culprit website and the name is  This secret now praxis or not USA  funded governmental overlay, being a dominant way of proceeding, (?) beats me in every department. Any opposing “resolve” mercifully seems unresolved, at least as long as I stay aware in a benign country. . And that can be a tidal event. I can lose that awareness…but then my story should end? maybe this is a USA v GB light entertainment. A division of the BBC apparent for war.

Remember it is  survival of the fittest. And I need your full attention or you will lose it because that is the difference between security and freedom. I have learned the security of being disinhibited but aware. I have felt the cry in the night  of being inhibited where the lesson is necessary.  But I never ever want anyone to  tell me what to write. Such is the beauty of a beach hut childhood.

But when the word “praxis” leaps forth from my mind it is all too easy. I doubt, you just need to know a Monarch programmed individual can shine or be occluded by his own language or the terms of others. Less subtle is recent predictive text suggesting USA words like “weaner” but proof?..this is to just illustrate interventions to inhibit or disinhibit are practically without limit.


but continue,.

And if I stop to think about it about 10 years ago a friend felt aggrieved when his house, the best in the harbour and opposite my Mudeford Sandbank Beach Hut close to an up and coming hotel and restaurant, was sold to solve his business debts and went to a hush-hush entrepreneur.  I must create a timeline for MY OWN use. I remember it was about £1.5 million and after much contestation the buyer sold it on for over 2 million pounds. Over three years I pursued the story and the key question I slyly repeated afresh unnoticed each year, …this was a friend not an “Ace in a Hole”…of signing the papers to agree the sale achieved three different answers from my friend, including the Cartegena option under the duress of my final question, , so I withdrew from any sort of Mackenzie obligation to a friend seeing inhibitions everywhere.

But desk research based on published sources is my forte, and I do remember a four page background summary on the purchaser I had supplied to a court seeking damages by that same friend. presided over by the life peer and Crown Court Judge, Lord Meston. For which I was paid £400.00 although at the time it was me just following my nose. I am a damned fine researcher when my freedom is hazarded. Perhaps that is my non violent trauma…the other methods were sparing, or inconclusive short of death, and if I think about it these words are the result, yet unable to find the Press we deserve. But to be fair to the conspiracy theorist being blamed for stealing other people REPUTATION as if it were their livelihood, I try, I try to draw from the well only from published records as that is my former speciality. The rest you can be sure I heard, read, lived or felt, as we only have so many sovereign senses.(Where did that word come from?)

This story is possibly the most potent source for a film you have ever read. But you are missing the implications of the narrative…no happy ending unless I am mistaken I do not think my methods of resistance will break Monarch. I draws succour from rebellion.

I have tried reversing the impelling signals. If I have a sudden urge to activate receptors on my left trunk (an itch) that is likely a control to inhibit some process I can only guess at. Right side tends to be disinhibit. So steel yourself and since it is that simple(?) scratch the other side.

I was born in Southampton. There if you jumped into swim a s a child into the River Itchin, it was said you came out “scratchin’ ” If others are seeking to program you to be self monitoring or self triggering on the basis of unknown intervention you can at least try and remove a link  in the chain, and be aware when it is obviously linked to your environment.

One hero of mine told me he was “going to give up watching television”.  I need to hear the conclusions, the speculations of others. And he should know, by the way.

The burden of evidence increases when you steal a man’s or a countries reputation. Below was court evidence published on a site I contributed to as beachhutman. So I suppose intrigue had long crossed my desk, if not my mind as most things are not the suppositions we think they are. This says I may have achieved a result. It is worth a look.

To summarise, Arthur Leonard Robert Morton was and is a multi millionaire whose companies provided computer security for the BBC and physical security for the Security Service. He provided nuclear power police and staff for all the enquiries you do get to hear about and some you don’t. it turned out, When the unlived in house was up for sale by him years later, a useful “couple image” of no consequence friend, Tracey, and I, were given a thorough check by his “Oh so polite and knowing” security detail within minutes of wandering around the garden leading down to the boathouse.

The boathouse I was promised if the vendor achieved his house back and could void the sale. Well. my research was all about the man as background to show whatever the merits of the case the buyer had the position and connections to drive the sale forward, at least as he did. But I spotted an anomaly over where the money went.

As I understood it, it was sent to the British Virgin Islands where I was told to stop looking by leading investigative journalists whose course I paid to attend. In any case the Inland Revenue when contacted as a precautionary feeler confirmed that their security and that of every Customs office in GB were sourced to…another of Mr Morton’s security companies. Well, within a year or so Mr Morton may have decided to retreat from the public eye..though he was well known in the city and as a benefactor in the Midlands.

He emigrated from England (he lived in the former Jaguar founder’s stately pile) to live in Jersey “lock stock and Rolls Royce” as reported in the City press. I went to Jersey and spoke to the press there but you can imagine the routine discretion of an island and it’s media over a new welcome guest.

In fact I discovered by accident that I was on the UK CID “watch list” on that very journey, and all because I was effectively cutting my teeth on a security industry but private matter related story. I never sought this work, it seems to stick to me.

But as police work that is an excellent example of layered security, proportional to the threat, but not supposed to leak to the subject. I am a fine researcher. And the police have a “hands off” policy as far as I am aware. But this is no coded award ceremony.

This is still “Great” Britain, and to stop war (that would incinerate millions) much may be sacrificed for security. Sadly Human Rights and freedom. for many more than necessary for safety.



Think dyke and finger and an idiot sauvant not believed but earnest

Think dyke and finger and an idiot savant not believed but earnest in showing a wide arch of man and a he therefore dot within such a circle?

A couple of beer-envious Americans I met in the “Finns” Irish pub close to my home summed up my earnest life being on the liminal edge the way I do, just a statistical inverted U curve of probability that someone is going to be on so many such graphs at the “loose” end of involvements…by chance and be thrust into an Extreme Process. Notice process, not  product.

This will never stop consuming our youth, talented or otherwise, who can switch for an experimenter. A certified military medic perhaps who is mapping the mind. He or she  hopes to secure the lives of others…a few or the many, no one can tell anymore.

Sir Malcolm Rifkind  may know more than me. But he has asked for no more than I have sent him. And this is HIS role. In the meantime I encounter Americans keen to discuss my life in a pub!

Enough transpired in that pub encounter to realise once again they were not there for the beer, since the brewery had sold out to Marston’s the previous year and Ringwood Brewery like so many enterprises is now not the draw that explained the NLP attention and program motif-name dropping. ( Yes I went on a course in my defence). I do not seem to attract enemies but interesting friends I wish i could photograph and describe as I should have photographed my short old and very much alive Dr Mengele, reputed master programmer over half a century.

But I like the Americans, they supplied the plane for my father to fight a battle against real Nazi inspired bullets with photography for more bellicose action then needed. If there was more to tell war is a great silencer/supressor/inhibitor. And remember war is lethal. You may be hoping slaves get time off for good behaviour. Such is the enveloping cloak of Monarch.

I have recently discovered an American who is a beer journalist, the Brookston Beer Bulletin. May I suggest you visit his site to get a cross cultural feel for how lucky we are when we are in our most forgiving element. I have to drink less than anyone I meet now, which is fine. Regular journalists have a way of getting you to buy rounds I found out close to Kings Cross.

American’s want to preserve that custom as a right. So say all of us?

I am a member of the CPBF and suggest you drop them a line to se what they do about YOUR concerns none of this is from your broadsheet newspaper nor will it appear there.

Or it is in the words of Sam Fuller. Human Rights Nil. Monarch program “30”. In the words of the  hell-box apprentice in the film “Park Row” ..”There ain’t no more”… 

p >>strong

We need to be hyper-vigilant looking in our compositions for clues that mislead us. Such would be ambient but if you knew the code..the motif – analysis you would not be a subliminal sap?

Fools will say for security keep your powder dry pipe down or keep a low profile. Would that be to powder my investigative nose to show no shine  or to give Pinnochio a “hit”.

I say light a candle.

Eva Moses Kor of CANDLES suffered at the hands of Mengele and without knowing if he was a Monarch sap first as I suggest, has forgiven him anyway. Check her out. That is cool.

Old soldiers are said to keep food in their ammunition packs. Most fire off target and war is not the sure fire domination of others hearts and  minds anymore, whatever Major Sir Frank Kitson taught me in his “Low intensity and Counter Insurgency Operations” a long time ago.

War is now fought in the creation of all the theme parks for our directed attention. And remember this, for reasons apparent or not the media fact checks always shrink from this material and is a reputed part of the takeover and so far that argument holds good.

Academics and politicos too. Charities, Monarch goes where it must.

Remember because there are not enough eyes watching this ball…this globe, but the military and business world that feeds us variably, this subject  is toxic.  It might also end wars…That should help me with the old apparatus of any State that is not as intelligent as they have to be now and seek some more shadow.  Plus I know something about the Villa Almiran in Mougin,



Villa Almiran  is a German name (for “Master work”) in France with a proven connection to Dr Mengele which started being let by his son as a luxury villa in 2008.  My encounter with the (1913 born) man was in 2002 as I researched HIS subject. And for obvious reasons I have tried to find out where he lived after then . I think I found a bolt hole? And he was short by then.

Today the Americans with PPOG or P2OG find information and leaks a source for tracing like the copius electronic signature of planes when they can force it on the world’s airlines. If you wish to control something uniformity and compliance are legitimate  aims?

But people are worth more alive than dead if they start digging for some  known treasure.

Journalists’ have to save the world from itself, and someone does have to investigate toxic subjects to see if it is a front for something else. That Sam Fuller film “Park Row” had a lesson “never let anyone tell you what to write”. It is, on reflection, a film to celebrate the reason American’s and others wish to be secure…so they can be free. Do not cultivate  the press, they have few advantages in the monarch programming world and have become part of the problem if they only knew it for sure. I know it…for sure.  As for MY legacy… msbnews. I answer to no-one? But when I fall, there are few I have encountered who gat past STOP! on this board.


But I have also been trained to see (or conceal) shape, sound, shadow, silhouette and even smell by a sniper. I read this to my Spring Clean operative, Amy, and she laughed as I have also had the carpets deep cleaned and deodorised to her requirements. So even smell? Not me. But them in the world of diagnosing mental illnesses the hallucination of smells is almost completely underreported considering what a potent sense it can be.  So even a harmless  comment or word can trigger a response in a sensei, or a sap.

And then I thought,  I have just hazarded an eulogy for a student who  died suddenly on her (now old news) Bournemouth Daily Echo story that I had missed. I could not decide between an Emily Dickinson poem tribute , a poem I did not know who the author was (I had quoted on page 9 of the 2003 summer edition of my Christchurch Harbour Chronicle) and a picture of a girl crossing a bridge with a Brass band a safe distance behind her.  When I as usual tweeted the link I added “when hyper-tyhmic, so much relates”. Monarch (like masonry) is syncretic.

Amy looked over my shoulder, conscious I had just seen my audio cassette collection actually shine in the sun, (for the first time ever) and added “You forgot shine”.you turnip”

Damn clever, these Mossad agents with their old style training using memory, will and understanding. Ooops that is thaw Catholic catechism.  But you get my point, Israel, spy or citizen, Briton, welcome mat or true observant, they are all obligated, inhibited or disinhibited to suit the purpose. .  They all are. Nope, I do not really think that.

I am using humour to keep you on your toes, on the edge of your seat, considering your children and thee concept of sacrifice that flows from ignoring my pains. That is why this website can descry 90% of human output and see Monarch programming as the driver with the multiplier till now the media. Extreme process...dunno.

You should be the building blocks of your children’s future, not Monarch programming. It makes us lazy or we suffer the fate  of Matthew 21. 41-43 ish., using words as the building blocks for your behaviour in that it is a death threat, used in symbolic form if you are given powdered stone in the real world within a burglary and rifled paperwork in 2003. To have a biblical right of passage is kinda cool too.

You get to try to see it your captors way if only to avoid unnecessary cruelty. If I am right, and I “know I am” they have the control when needed of words, movements, touch, sight and sound.

Will Filer NSA consultant is the “proof” of the technique used on me here: I try not to use it too often for I will lose you, and I need you to follow my line of thinking, for you can be sure monarch  are.

Will Filer? Maybe he is trying to mislead us with techno rubbish. I do suppose this thing is as quick as electricity, but satellites and tin foil hats…terrestrial yes, supernatural No!

Here is the rub. Traditionally those programmed but “fails” in the march of Monarch are “cooled out” (an expression from  that paramour, con-artistry at:

usually mistakes are “directed” shifted, teased, nudged towards “religious groups” and today that will include the entire counterculture (and you haven’t even thought this out yet Tim).

They are legion. Avoid everyone for you are surrounded and cannot even rely on yourself. Or enjoy the moment and try to sail on with your own craft. But remember you are a TYPE. A case, yes, but a condition too, and your term , your words should be committed to bond paper.

Not playing out some 007 fantasy…secret agent programming apparently often cools out nouveau idiots savant…try to stay true to the harlequin of the Pantomime,

No. Just be yourself. Avoid occluded thinking. Occam’s razor might work.And if not, eventually if you have pain long enough, your mind will select for you those actions that reduce it. So if your left elbow..a sight of a childhood breakage an example of what might be chosen…hurts and you find it strangely intermittent someone is sending you morse code applied to something else.

Possibly. But anyway, eventually you find a strategy that seems to stop the pain. So at this level you experiment and yes. if the left side is a sort of inhibiting message, rubbing your right elbow (the side for disinhibiting effects) releases the trick, the trade, the spell!



Now do you see where all that pre Monarch folklore was taking people?

But then again, you have found a manual switch. Try doing it in your mind. When you feel the pain try to find the switch in your head. Yes, it works, You are free of pain. Was that you? Have you found the switch?  Now you have to face another choice, like Calvin and Hobbes in a handcart through the woods cartoon  I used in my talks on the Noddy train at Hengistbury Head. Everyone laughed at that. It to the loudest laughs of all my many jokes.

Yes, you have another choice. You now can rush to twitter as I did a week ago and announce you have broken Monarch programming after centuries of the elite managing threats that way.

But whilst you may now feel so enabled…. by the perception of pain and its release,… that only thinking now makes it so…you do not yet know the difference between its perception and where it was coming from. Will Filer NSA consultant says this is it. This is the newish real time way to map our minds..even idiot savants or the newly mentally ill.  The reason it was being differentially applied to make you so conscious of a really low level almost subliminal pain..was to teach someone a lesson. That the switch between pleasure and pain lay at a point now identified by both parties…I assume normally subliminally but I have the long straw.

That is supposed to be an old esoteric moment of illumination? Forget it, It tells me either subliminally or in the real Filer world I have a new master. And all the pain over 4 years was a rite not a right of passage. This now can discard 90% of the world words and images as  part of a conspiracy and therefore misleading. That is some idiot savant. That means 90% of journalists, academics and even Old Etonian historians have been following false trails and mobius-strips of self confirming evidence and they call me an idiot?


Again treat all of this choice like the allusions and allegories that divert the discourse from a science that has overtaken the ability to be scientific. Will Filer works in the world of signals and reception and response. That is what Derren Brown is trading in . The difference?  Intent.

Science is no guarantor of some Turing test.

Read the seminal paper by Rothman on “A dissenting view of the scientific ethos”  That is the librarian Rothman not Rothschild. Funnily enough I remember a ruing with a Rothschild for an hour until I discarded that prop. I was using him as a walking stick and remember losing credit.

There is huge joke there of Diogenesian significance. But remember to keep it simple.

The best spies were Classicists, but then so was that divisive MP Enoch Powell who predicted “rivers of blood” if we become gang creatures over too little beer. ( something like?) Humour is fine but the lessons of history are,  I claim, prove me wrong , all in this web page or linked to it.

It is all about someone else wanting control over your/the children.

The reality documented here apparently has me ticking all the boxes and making a few new ones, that in time will be part of some exploitative screenplay, possibly? The chances of finding someone  aware and bucking the system are that the system generates them for study.

I make this claim with the certainty of a man who has faced a mock execution with no one else in the room when it transpired. And as it did not defray the expense of a loose cannon, in the lounge .  Monarch mimics illness. It mimics failure. I am trying to innovate here, not rebel.

Would you wish to at least be aware?

See section 7  Apparently I am enjoying the “Extreme Process”

and that means I can do anything, as subsequently, rebellious move, or now I am trying to innovate, they will be able to block it in others.

Welcome to the last great American Novel.

You need to stay grounded.  But what have you to protect when your children have lost their self control. The history is a poor one that has erred. It is all on the web. I am trying to keep this easy to read and you can find out the provenance if you wish for your self. It is the “switch”that matters, not the methods…crude like breaking into a hut or subtle like having a bump key.

The rest of rebellion after me will be dross. Seen the film “They Might be Giants?” Monarch can be seen as an allegory there, You see if I am wrong. A retrospective of Monarch would reach back into the community to the Shamans’ of Rogan Taylor’s 1985 book or Mircea Eliade’s definitive work…but they used ecstasy, not trauma..most of the sold more seats when people had a choice. The military now pay the bills with our money and the play is trauma now.

And if you wish to extend the argument to all theatres of war there is no end to this madness. Not mine, mine is useful. All of this has some basis in real people and events documented in the darker corners of the web now and few places else..

The words rope and long enough spring to mind. But who else will provide you with this news but a beach hut newspaper and security independent product of his times.

(That Catholic TV-Art-historian-Nun “Sister Wendy” said  “there is only one sin….unnecessary cruelty”. (she lived in a caravan so is an honorary huttie.)  We all look for short cuts.

Now I can also  ignore allusion and is 90% used a false front for Monarch programming and its precedents through history. What is left is the mystery of time, space and existence, But the mysteries? The allusions of Sir Anthony Blunt on Poussin’s underground stream?  That was a three volume research effort  in the Bournemouth Arts Institute library. 

That is best regarded as a con.  You are lucky I am an idiot savant. Few people with real obligations or commitments to real people in their life would feel compelled to analyse this sudden electronic mix of traditions. I asked once why in the camps they never rushed the SS guards. At that point I was told, there were still children around, so no one would do it.

Monarch has to explore every opportunity in extremes why people choose this way or that way..the better to …cover the odds.

Now if there not enough idiot savants to experiment on more will be created. Monarch has tried everything known to science. Brain tissue scarring of infants? I remember discarding that in a first 2002 edit. Just as i referred Mengele to “other researchers” to save me time. Brain scarring?

That was not for the trauma. but someone thought it might work. Maybe it did. You are probably hoping that the world of trauma has been replaced by the claim of just a few snuff videos, hypnosis and electroshock or waterboarding over an hour or two. By now.

Mengele was a clue.  But history of necessity at the time  claimed  he was dead in 2002  so I shrugged and let it lie until 9 years later I saw a rare photograph from 1977. Remember he was a sap too, Monarch divides and rules any mind . And the West had bought his gooseberry eyed expertise to their already well briefed political class(?) in the 40’s. There is a school of thought he was a stray in South America until 1979.

Not in my mind. Or my eye in December 2002 at BH1 3JJ when I was the tall poppy.

Personally so much of this Extreme Process…(I just spotted that category for this rewrite for  the first time) It seems to involve teasing me with my history, my exposure to Hollywood and my childhood the better to mimic my softer side. As you can see I got this far just from following my nose. I studied, I got lucky, I missed chances, it has all been hard work but still for the price the prize is only of value now if it makes a difference for the better.

Should I hit the streets, use my research as a weapon, or send it into the world where those skilled in the art may offer awareness if I can handle it and still seek dignity in the outcome.

And all the little nudges and encouragements based on others medical or military studied practices. Fortunately I am a quick and dirty researcher from being a lazy worker and graze information, looking for the features I respond to. maybe that is a switchable condition.

That is probably the to and fro of a condition being used to make a case.  Freedom denied to smooth away opposition.

Maybe that is why a theatre full of ADHD children watching a play of the Dog in the nightie work found the circle collapsed and their condition met with the trauma much admitted by military programmers. I predict many serious cases to alarm their parents in the next decade.

But I digress casting my line where it is a supposition. But not a fantasy It is a scientific prediction based on experience and knowing the system needs new blood .

Your computer life trail will do, NSA listening? It could all be useful and information wars are non lethal, remember, the machine age is coming. Will you be inveigled. I am trying to be balanced. But polymath High IQ Tony Buzan who taught me mind mapping  (by video ) I have had the same chances as anyone else …is now eclipsed by the military who saw all roads leading to er their being made redundant?

This is the new security, This is the new freedom. This is the new interference. Notice I should not say “State” or “Social” or “Military” or “Intelligence” .

There are few cookery books on the e-readers… Why? the free web sites have eaten them alive. Some things diversity, innovation and dare I say it art require free thinking and a culture of free expression. Beyond borders. Army food allows an army to march on its stomach.

Food needs to stay diverse and non commodified, decentralised energy?… and so on… and with the internet and post-people we can tell the politicians maybe our security can be in our hands a little more? Decentralised. All eyes on everything not a few on everything.

Ideas are free.  If you have to shout YOU have lost the argument. What other weapons do I have? When you have a condition of talking to strangers, trying to solve peoples problems and not minding humble tasks (like writing say) you have hypomania. (Wikipedia half way down)

Fortunately the Pollyanna nature of the thing compared to what I have felt as proof and read about leaves me with no real emotional hooks to lose the awareness they are fishing and have been for 4 years…more…well, since I started looking for Mengele /Villa Almarin.

In fact with Monarch how far do you want to go back. Fantasia was in 1940 and made Mengele laugh at the skill of the mind program motifs then and since used because they worked.

It really really helps if you have no guilt, no fear, no anxiety, no doubt. In 1986 that was all about that, but the lights from outside could find no one at home. Same today . Awareness is a gift for me but it is a right for you.

Security starts at home. The rest of the world is outside your circle. You think?

Today I have no doubts. `My history is completed whatever transpires. All the wonder and imaginings based on allegories and lessons of life supposed in novels are now seen as a patina, a veneer, something under which Monarch Programming can AND DOES hide.

As such we have had our security and freedom hazarded by subliminal threats and pleasures .

When in my early teens I came across a racy pile of periodicals called Argosy . Heaven knows where they came from but I remember an author who must have been of some age or at least experience then. He complained of the disappointment of catching a sexually transmitted disease from a pretty woman. For anyone recognising Monarch in their lives or in the lives of others…see think of it in those terms. Not as an allegory, or as an allusion, for blame or morals do not come into it.

I would say that wouldn’t I. Taste is involved but that is not the point. It is the switch. Your switch.

I base a lack of blame on the principle it is out of control.

I may be prescient.

That I do not know reduces me to an idiot savant , but aware. You may end up paying for this. The costs must be not capital costs so much, the system can make money appear from nowhere I imagine, but  collateral and as punitive as the opportunities they have denied, or created to control outcomes one way or another. This would cost trillions just to estimate revenue abuse in the sense of expenditure and income. Many say the system is deliberately competitive to mimick nature and the survival of the fittest.

The problem is how do you reverse a career of a career path criminal bent on world domination.

That problem has to be be solved as Edward Snowden said in his Russian Award acceptance speech for Human Rights . It is on You Tube and he MUST know monarch is the NSA jewel in the crown which will kill every Human Right I think there is…

But then I have been through the “extreme process” thus far anyway, I am doomed doomed…, maybe that will be for the elite?

The rest of you will not have the luxury of knowing. So back to the usual websites that worry more about celebrity endorsements or sexual slavery.  Some websites refer to or videoify  hypno-slavery ,  since this is known “in the wild” sex being used to titilate and distract what is really going on and of course your children…..

Google that. Slake your thirst and remember what preserves life and what kills it.

A sniper,  being military was an example of means by which if one person can imagine something, to disinhibit others, others can make it real by any means necessary. Now you might prefer to live in a certain world. It is just your contribution will be weighed and measured very carefully within raw market forces arraigned against dinosaur bones of Human Rights.

But when I say war may no longer be necessary, that is a direct result of feeling the non lethal impact of monarch, assuming no prior knowledge that would alert me to the process being put into play. I found out what to expect, and Will Filer is no liar, but this is not really a military thing anymore, it is the subversion of the media to build on our collectivised and individuated traumas. I said that. I think.

By the way, The mission creep between the media and the military is so outrageous you have to see it for itself. Monarch programming and motif analysis is worth the wait.   What is the first casualty of any war?

Anyway, my client, Mr Stuart, finally did suffer health and business failures and I wish I could have done more for him than confirm his wildest imaginings about the Mr “Big” he felt he must be up against. There were many other interesting side avenues and alleyways in this case, yet to reach a wider audience. Having cut my teeth with the highest in the land….Mr Morton was a trustee of the Tower of London…., I suppose it was inevitable I would encounter an ultimate security test of my character to right wrongs or perceived injustices by the Panopticon…….what Will Filer , a consultant to the NSA has written of in his Psyops book and blog, is:



“8. This technology is the highest level of intelligence gathering for the USA. The abuses resulting from mismanagement of this area of the NSA’s intelligence system must force Congress to legislate additional laws to protect the citizens. The NSA must regulate this system better. The NSA will take all necessary steps without limit to assure that this technology is preserved and autonomously under their control.

And that, dear Panopticee, is why I have at some perceived risk  taken over the website  You will understand why, thanks to my late father saying …”be nice to the Americans'”… I am not quite yet lost to all “in my cups”, or bier

I try to leave the implications of Monarch programming tour security and freedom to others, but few see what I have written about with any urgency. In the meantime I put in the hours.



The NSA had just better stop putting the words “weaner” and “die” in my copy. They can do that!.  Actually lecturers in my local college could do that many years ago. Another mistake was or letting me wake to the sound of rattlesnakes instead of Dr Mengele’s usual giant spiders when they lost the startling effect awareness can bring… but in my bookbetter liminal than subliminal..Spartacus…many eyes…many books….many arts..many skills…

That makes sense when you know the rest.

“The mind has been mapped and any sense or muscle group can serve another purpose”. (me)

I have complained to the usual suspects . It is a delicate area for a corporate body too. The strong clue  is of American authorship.  It is statistically rare to remain aware of some of the little pricks and flinch making processes. Only a small number of resisters or dud experimental escapees have made any sense of it .  I thank hundreds of hours of at first disinterested research before meeting (as I claim) Mengele and much more since realising I had.

Some people say…”ask the American’s” with anything that dark.  The USA had related  MK Ultra legal cases where every case was settled out of court. It would be blood money., though I am an “Ace in a Hole” what I need is corroboration. Secrecy is pointless, so much is googleable now, and was before 2002. But the punitive costs in both directions are incalculable.

Experimentation must continue with the young and those with interesting switchable conditions especially to better map the mind’s capabilities. Any child or adult can be in that “hole”. I know.

Remember the words of my second favourite Sociology lecturer:  “The power of the mind to frame references or distinctions  is practically without limit” So’ton College of FE (1970’s)

But we are not talking about a loss of freedom from a secure program based on “ideas of reference” which is a medical term of wonderful economy , it is the hostage of that capability to inhibit or disinhibit your children’s future. They can do that either way  but it does rather suggest I am as Filer says under the control of the American’s. I take it from Filer’s disclosures yet to reach a wider audience that will be the NSA basement staff, not GCHQ. We always had more class than that. But they use whatever works , and trauma, and insult, seem to be the world our children are inheriting to avoid the physical reality of war?

That is SECURITY ?

I am comforted that whilst faced with a toxic subject most people conform or ritualise their response as is normal. some rebel or compete as they can. The best innovate, for if a system can be apprehended as removing freedom for security (though it could end war) then Human Rights and security might be better reconciled than messing with vindictive librarians.

WE will re-inherit the world for you. Though we become outsiders . (me)

Remember, a beach hut blog on theme parks found someone somewhere has found more ways than one to inhibit or disinhibit you and your children. And you need this chance to prepare your mind to favour their survival intact. This is Weltanschauungskrieg!


Tim Baber, B.A., A.L.A. (retired)

Ringwood UK April 2014